The most comprehensive screening in the construction industry

Many general contractors use a standard questionnaire to screen subcontractors. This only works if the subcontractor is completely honest during the prequalification process. Unfortunately, some subcontractors are not and those are the ones that you have to watch out for. We are experts in catching information that they deliberately leave out.

You simply order. We take care of the rest.

Our reports are customizable. Give us the parameters of your screening and verification process and we’ll take full ownership of the prequalification process. From contacting the subcontractor to the final report, all you need to do is choose the right subcontractor.

The quality of your data is important. Our data is 100% accurate.

Many screening companies use a 3rd party database to “check” for lawsuits, judgments, and liens. This is hugely misleading and puts builders at risk of hiring shady subcontractors with a history of legal issues. Databases only shows a small percentage of the actual judgments and liens found in the court records. We retrieve information at the original source.

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Why should you take screening seriously?

Many construction companies believed in their subcontractor’s ability to do the job at face value. All too often, it turns out to be the complete opposite. Subcontractors may be understaffed, behind schedule, and have a history of lousy work. Their listed builder and supplier references often don’t match what the subcontractor says about itself. In reality, the subcontractor isn’t being upfront and truthful to you. Some subcontractors show a history of financial stresses and poor decisions. Judgments, liens, bankruptcies, adverse credit history, and unpaid suppliers can all be a red flag. This can result in the subcontractor’s inability to complete the job and a waste of time and resources for you. On top of it all, some companies operate without legal formation records and licenses. Some even use fraudulent insurance certificates. You could even get sued for negligence for not performing subcontractors verification.

How are we better than our competitors?

Most screening companies operate like an assembly line. Documents are collected, only a few are verified, and an Experian report is generated. This is provided to the builder as a proper and “thorough” screening of their subcontractor. This couldn’t be further from the truth. We do not base our information what’s been solely given to us. We check and verify with the courthouses, financial institutions, references, and much more. We even go far as checking previously owned companies. Sometimes business leaders will form new companies to mask their previous unscrupulous and illegal behavior. We conduct the most thorough screening possible and are the most powerful risk mitigation platform to reduce risk early in the preconstruction process.

SubScreener Prequalification Process

Prequalification Insights

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Brian Rodriguez

My teammates and I simply do not have enough time to juggle prequalification with other responsibilities. SubScreener took a huge burden off my shoulders. I could actually focus on project management. Their reports are extremely thorough and they live up to their offerings.

Project Manager, Colorado

Brittany Ishihara

SubScreener’s customer service was absolutely phenomenal. I didn’t have to wait weeks to make a decision, particularly during bidding season. They always got the reports to me on time without compromising quality. They are now my go-to prequalification vendor.

VP of Risk Mitigation, California

Frank Weiss

SubScreener was well worth the investment. It helped us validate who we should hire or not. Their results-driven reports are second to none and greatly reduces our risk from hiring a bad subcontractor.

VP of Preconstruction, Texas