The most comprehensive screening in the construction industry

Many general contractors use a standard questionnaire to screen subcontractors. This only works if the subcontractor is completely honest during the prequalification process. Unfortunately, some subcontractors are not and those are the ones that you have to watch out for. We are experts in catching information that they deliberately leave out.

You simply order. We take care of the rest.

Our reports are customizable. Give us the parameters of your screening and verification process and we’ll take full ownership of the prequalification process. From contacting the subcontractor to the final report, all you need to do is choose the right subcontractor.

The quality of your data is important. Our data is 100% accurate.

Many screening companies use a 3rd party database to “check” for lawsuits, judgments, and liens. This is hugely misleading and puts builders at risk of hiring shady subcontractors with a history of legal issues. Databases only shows a small percentage of the actual judgments and liens found in the court records. We retrieve information at the original source.

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How do we prequalify subcontractors?

We contact the subcontractor on your behalf. We’ll issue our questionnaire and ensure they fill out completely. We’ll check with the secretary of state to ensure they are a legal and active company. We’ll check court records for lawsuits, judgments, and liens. We’ll check with the financial institutions to ensure sufficient funds to finance the project. We’ll check for OSHA records of violations and accidents. We’ll check with references for past work performance. We’ll even check their supplier credit ensure they can purchase their materials. On top of it all, we’ll use our investigative skills to see what parts of the puzzle do not match.

Here is a prime example – if a company has been in existence for 5 years, but claims to have 30 years of experience, this can be a red flag. Some business owners will form new companies to mask their previous unscrupulous and illegal behavior. This is a way for them to sell a service in bad faith and with the intent to defraud you.

How do we deliver our reports and secure the information?

We utilize top notch secure servers and software to retrieve information and deliver our reports. More importantly, despite our heavy investment in security, we realize that no amount of technology will ever make a system impenetrable. Thus, we have adopted a strict 30 day information retention policy. Afterward, the reports are deleted from the server and moved into a non-internet secure facility to mitigate data breaches.

What are the first two steps of our screening process?

We check for the company’s registration with the secretary of state’s office. This ensures the company is legally formed and active. We then check their licenses to ensure they have the credentials to be working on your project.

Company Info

Registration with the Secretary of State office is necessary for any company operating in the USA. Verifying a company is legally formed and active is a requirement before entering into a contract and without it disqualifies the subcontractor.

License Info

We verify your subcontractor has the right licenses and certifications to work wherever your project is located. We even dig up past companies in other jurisdictions that belong to the owner. We uncover fraud and a history of shady behavior resulting in suspended and revoked licenses.


OSHA records reveal a tremendous amount of information about a subcontractor’s work culture, safety protocols and what kind of risks they pose on your project. A history of violations, accidents, injuries or deaths are all-too common in the construction industry. Identifying the bad actors in the industry is key to keeping your project safe. Safety cannot be overlooked in today’s construction industry. Get the facts before you choose your subcontractor.

Insurance and Banking

Minimum insurance coverage is a requirement by law in many jurisdictions. Ensuring your subcontractor has the coverage types and amounts to cover anything that might happen is key to risk mitigation. We go even further and verify the banking information on the subcontractor, ensuring they have the financial means and credit to pay for their operations, employees, and unexpected expenses.

Supplier Credit

It’s important for your subcontractor to have good credit and payment history with their suppliers. If there is low credit availability, past dues or collections, then these could all be red flags about your subcontractor’s relationship with their suppliers. Your subcontractors’ relations with suppliers is critical to ensuring your subcontractor gets the job done as planned. Don’t let your subcontractor run out of money for materials on your project.

Civil Court Records

Court records are the single most important part of a thorough screening process. From unethical behavior, shoddy work, accidents, broken contracts, and financial problems – you find all of this in the court records. This is an extremely time consuming process and others rarely go the extra mile to check them out in the courts. SubScreener can do them for you in a timely and low cost manner. Let our team of private investigators uncover the dirt in the courthouses before you put this subcontractor on the job.